@Mirrorsandmimosas and I have been so lucky to have attended some recent events around town including, the @Bowlerobowl Greenville grand opening, @EuphoriaGreenville A Southern Remedy event, and @TupeloHoneyGVL’s new brunch menu launch. What could be better than bowling and food?!

Shot an event for with Stadium Creative for NBA2K and Microsoft Xbox a few weeks ago and got to meet Marcus Jordan, Ronnie2k, and Kemba Walker. Charlotte had a local mural artist repaint the gym floor of their oldest YMCA, and we covered the unveiling. Amazing work done by @Gardenofjourney on the new court design. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.


Here is a collection of my favorite shots from last year.

Euphoria Greenville

I was excited to have been a part of the @Euphoriagreenville Insider team this year. Looking forward to next year!

San Francisco Trip

Took a last minute flight to San Francisco to meet @mirrorsandmimosas, and had an unbelievable time. I didn't take as many photos as I wanted to, and the drone didn't even come out of it’s case!

I guess we were too busy experiencing the trip this time, I’m not mad at it...

Whiskey at the beach

Here is a fun campaign photoshoot I did with @USMacallan Whisky recently. The concept was to capture time in a unique way. These were shot on the beach in North Myrtle, South Carolina and the weather could not have been any better.


Wait that photo is moving!?

Recently I have been shooting a ton of cinemagraphs for Elit Stoli and Macallan. Here are some of my favorites.

Salty lakes

I just got back from another amazing trip to Utah to visit my buddy. Met up with a few friends from high-school and had a blast.

Made a quick recap of our trip so we had something fun to look back at.

In the green room

Caught up with the homies @Reeves_FAM @david_vonmering @theaermusic @thedjsmiles in Charlotte, NC last week.

Join the movement

Collaborated with @MVMTWATCHES for some social media posts and product shots. These watches are premium and affordable!